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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
    Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Except for the slaves, all ancient Egyptians wore heavy, brightly colored jewelry and it was highly valued. Not only did jewelry reflect the wealth and social status of its wearer, it was thought to help ward off evil spirits, both here and in the afterlife.

The History Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Gem Rock Auctions
    Ancient Egyptian Jewelry It’s been hundreds of thousands of years since the first simple jewelry pieces were crafted from seashells, bone, and animal skin. In the years since our ancestors first left the African continent, Egypt has become a dominant civilization in ancient history.

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    The main materials used to craft Egyptian jewelry were copper and gold. The masses could mainly afford copper, while the gentry preferred gold. Both materials were mined in the deserts of Nubia and were in abundant supply. Silver jewelry is rarely uncovered during Egyptian excavations as silver was not readily available in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Egy king
    The first evidence of jewellery making in Ancient Egypt dates back to the 4th millennia BC, to the Pre dynastic Period. As with other forms of Egyptian art design of jewellery followed strict rules to fulfil its religious role. Any change in the representation of religious symbols resulted in a loss of protective value.

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    In ancient Egyptian jewelry, colors also held a lot of symbolism. The six basic colors frequently used were white, black, yellow, blue, green and red. Black – This represented death, the underworld and the unknown while also symbolizing positive aspects of life like birth, life and resurrection.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry - Facts and History of Jewelry
    Egyptian nobility favored necklaces, bracelets, belts, amulets, pendants, hair beads and many other jewelry types that were decorated with the designs of scarab …

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