It isn’t simply about using the very best raw materials; it’s also about using the very best diamond bracelet jewellery-making expertise and giving life to inspiration and creativity.

Our expert craftsmen are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the workshop. Using only the finest raw materials and hand selected diamonds, our craftsmen manufacture pieces of undeniable beauty and distinction. All of our custom made jewellery is expertly handcrafted locally, within our Sydney headquarters. That’s a promise many other jewellers can’t make. At Starco Jewellers, we stand by our Australian made pieces for their unsurpassed quality and value.


Diamonds at Starco Jewellers, based at our highly successful flagship store in Sydney’s historic inner-west at Burwood Westfield. He is the son of a jeweller and passionate about his craft. Fascinated by jewellery and his father’s work from an early age, Jacque began his career in his father’s store and by the age of twenty-one had completed his apprenticeship in jewellery. He is also a qualified diamond grader and has successfully taken Starco Jewellers into its second generation with further plans for expansion and growth.

With an amazing eye for detail and a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing, Jacque helps his customers to create unique and inspired designs that they will be proud of for many years to come. Remember, you’re dealing with a Jeweller, not simply a retailer! Jacque also has vast purchasing experience in international diamond markets and gives his customers access to the very best stones the market has to offer at great value prices.


Diamond Rings Designer