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Cameo Jewelry - Antique Cameos - Vintage Cameos
    Well that's me up on the left and I'm a 20 year jewelry designer that also collects all kinds of vintage and cameo jewelry! And you'll meet my wife Mary, if you follow the link, at one of the largest jewelry shows in the world holding the largest amethyst crystal in the …

Cameo Jewelry Antique, Vintage, Modern
    Shop cameo jewelry including Victorian, Art Deco, and Retro cameo brooches, cameo pendants, cameo earrings, hardstone cameos, shell cameos, and Wedgwood cameos.

Cameo Jewelry: History and Buying Guide
    Oct 29, 2018 · Cameo jewelry is a timeless antique that continues to flourish in the market today. With a plethora of antique options available, and contemporary designers creating reimagined versions of classics, we’re afforded the ability to continue to collect and wear beautiful pieces in the form of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and pendants.

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    Our cameos (a.k.a. cabochons with bas relief imagery) are made of plastic resin, with excellent detail, and are available in fun neo-classical styles include finely detailed fairies, nymphs and owls, as well as skeletal lady profiles, seahorses, flamingos, anchors, mermaids, cats, horses, Christmas designs and a …

About Cameos The History of Cameos - The Cameo Collection
    Cameos carved in sardonyx shells are distinctive in color with a dark brown background and white foreground, and frequently cost more because the shells are rare. Some cameos are carved in mother-of-pearl, producing a cameo of an opalescent, bluish-gray color. These cameos are best set in silver. Our Agate cameos are carved ultrasonically.

Cameo Jewelry: All You Need to Know Jewelry Guide
    Cameo jewelry can be traced as far back as the 3 rd century BC! These were used not only for jewelry, but also as signet rings. Cameos were very popular during the Roman era, resurfaced during the Renaissance and then was once again popular in the 19 th century. Most ancient cameos came from Greece and Rome.

How to Identify Real Cameo Jewelry - The Spruce Crafts
    Cameos are commonly made out of shell, coral, stone, lava, or glass. These carvings are set in either gold or silver. Cheaper costume jewelry cameos exist, and these are set in a base metal and made out of a molded plastic, glass, or resin. These are not hand-carved and are not worth a lot of money.

Cameo Jewelry - Antique Cameos - Vintage Cameos
    Vintage Cameos are fast disappearing! We travel the world looking for rare, unique and affordable high quality cameos for our Estate Jewelry collection. And if you find these rare cameos a bit too pricey for you try our not so old cameo jewelry from the old days back in the 40s, 50s, and even 60s.

Cameos 101: History of Cameo Jewelry, Value and More ...
    Nov 20, 2015 · I once saw a dark-haired cameo in an online auction that sold for far beyond my budget, and I've been on a quest for dark-haired cameo jewelry ever since. I have this romantic notion that there's a cameo out there that resembles everyone, but very few shell cameos are carved in such a way that the figure's hair is dark, so I'm having a hard time finding mine!

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