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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
    The amount and quality of their ancient Egyptian jewelry depended on their parents' status, but all children wore jewelry unless they were slaves. Materials Used in Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Wealthier classes used primarily gold and some copper for their ancient Egyptian jewelry, while lower classes used mainly copper. Silver was scarce to unknown in ancient Egypt since there were no silver mines …

The History Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Gem Rock Auctions
    All types of Egyptian jewelry were popular, including bracelets, earrings, collar pieces, anklets, armbands, and rings. Golden jewelry became a status symbol in pre-dynastic Egypt. It was a symbol of power, religion, and status. It enabled it to before a greater focus for families of nobility, and royals.

The Jeweller in ancient Egypt - The Australian Museum
    Everyone wore jewellery in ancient Egypt, from poor farmers to wealthy royals. For the wealthy, pieces were made from semi-precious stones, precious metals and glass beads. The poor substituted these with painted clay, stones, shells, animal teeth and bones.

Facts About Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Synonym
    The main materials used to craft Egyptian jewelry were copper and gold. The masses could mainly afford copper, while the gentry preferred gold. Both materials were mined in the deserts of Nubia and were in abundant supply. Silver jewelry is rarely uncovered during Egyptian excavations as silver was not readily available in ancient Egypt.

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