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    Enamel in jewelry has existed for thousands of years. Essentially colored glass, powdered and applied most often to a metal base, it is fired at sufficient temperatures to melt and form decorative surfaces. There are many types of enames and we have chosen five types to illustrate. Guilloche …

What is Enamel Jewelry? A Buying Guide Jewelry Guide
    Enamel has been used to create jewelry for centuries and is known by several names, including porcelain enamel, painted glass and vitreous enamel. It’s one of the oldest techniques of decorating the surface of jewelry. Enamel jewelry is much like art, as the skill of the enameller can add an artistic quality to the piece.

Everything You'd Want to Know about Enamel Jewelry The Study
    Jul 06, 2018 · Cloisonné enamel, diamond, gold and pearl fish cufflinks, ca. 1875 Cloisonné (“cell” in French) is a technique in which thin wires of fine silver or gold are used to outline a design, which is then filled with enamel. The piece is subsequently placed in a kiln where the enamel is melted.

Enamels on Jewelry Antique Jewelry University
    Enamel is a type of allochromatic glass that consists usually of quartz sand, iron oxide, potassium oxide (potash) and borax . These components form a transparent and colorless fondant after firing at temperatures between 700 and 900 degrees Celsius.

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    Aug 29, 2013 · Looking for Enamel Repair Artist. by Patsy Croft Aug 29, 2013 Cloisonne and Enamel Jewelry Repairing. Here are two artist wiling to look at your repair needs. John DeSalvio Company – Lorraine DeSalvio repairs all types of enamels – She also works with resins. 17 W. 45th #804 * NY, NY 10036 * 212-840-6654. Glass on Gold – Joan Strott-Alvini all types of vitreous enamel repairs.

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