We have all seen films where the hero bites gold and determines its authenticity. But is it really so? It is true that gold is a soft metal and if you bite into it, you should see a slight indentation. However, there are several problems with this methodology. The first is that you can damage your teeth. Second, there are other types of metal that are just as malleable. One of these metals is lead, which is a well-known toxin. Therefore, do not taste gold. Instead, try to find a sample or other official markings. Plus, gold is not magnetic, so if your jewelry is magnetically attracted, it is clearly a gold plated alloy.

So, gold is not mined in a variety of colors and is a malleable metal, but we do not recommend biting it. If you are tempted to hit the diamond well with a hammer, chances are high that you will end up with a lot of shiny cool shards.