Every woman dreams of her own collection of diamonds. The popularity of the stone is partly due to the fact that most people consider it the most expensive in the world. But if you study the prices in the modern jewelry market, you will find that the most expensive gem is alexandrite, called "the brother of the emerald."

The thing is that the natural reserves of alexandrite are extremely small. His deposits are in Russia, Sri Lanka, as well as in India and Brazil. Alexandrite has an unusual coloration that varies with lighting. In daylight, the stone can be painted in all shades of green, and if you turn on the artificial light, it will become lavender or raspberry pink.

Such unusual properties are explained by the unique structural features of the crystal lattice of the stone. But not only alexandrite is ahead of the diamond in value. Rubies over 3 carats and finely patterned aquamarine are also highly prized.