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How to Drill a Shell for Jewelry-Making Martha Stewart
    Fill with enough water to just cover sponge. (The water will keep the drill from overheating and the shell from cracking.) Set shell on sponge, top-side down, and hold securely with your fingers, as shown. Keeping edges barely submerged, slowly drill …

How to drill a hole in a seashell without breaking it.
    May 14, 2019 · Steps for drilling the hole First place the shell in the sink on top of a washcloth or something soft. Next, Either drizzle a small stream of water from the tap over the area you are drilling or if the shell is really small just dampen it. Then, lightly press into the shell where you want the hold with the drill …4.6/5(39)

How to Drill a Hole in a Seashell Using a Dremel eHow
    Aug 30, 2017 · Place a seashell in the rubber coated jaws of a spring clamp. The rubber coating will help prevent the shell from cracking or getting scratched by the clamp. Place a small piece of masking tape on the spot on the shell where you will drill the hole. Make a dot on the exact spot on the tape with a pen.

How to Drill a Shell for Jewelry-Making Jewelry making ...
    How to Drill a Shell for Jewelry-Making SourcesMicro Max cordless rotary-tool kit, by Dremel, 8 volt, $89, Diamond-coated twist drill bit (#56), by Eurotool, $6, Article by Martha Stewart Living

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