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How to Sell Handmade Jewelry to Retail Stores: 7 Steps
    Apr 14, 2011 · 1. Search for retailers. Search for retailers such as craft galleries, art galleries, or nail salons. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of businesses that you can reference. Search your local phone book for relevant businesses. {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/thumb\/a\/ad\/Sell-Handmade-Jewelry-to-Retail-Stores-Step-2…88%(97)

How to Sell Handmade Jewelry to Retail Stores Bizfluent
    Sep 26, 2017 · Sell your jewelry on consignment. Although some retail store owners might be reluctant to buy your handmade jewelry outright, some will allow you to display and sell your jewelry to their customers for a percentage of sales. Terms of consignment arrangements vary and must be negotiated with the store owner or manager.

Selling Handmade Jewelry to Stores
    Selling handmade jewelry to stores can be a great way to supplement your jewelry sales income or it can even become your main source of income. There are many advantages to selling wholesale or on consignment. Although there are differing points of view on wholesale versus consignment, usually these views are solely based on personal ...

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