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10 Things You Need to Know About Rhodium Plating Jewelry ...
    Yes, it is. Because rhodium plating is hypoallergenic, you won’t get skin reactions by wearing rhodium plated jewelry. This is because rhodium does not contain any allergens such as nickel. In fact if you have a piece of jewelry that is causing you skin reactions, rhodium plating …

Rhodium Plated Jewelry Kay
    If you have sensitive skin and are allergic to jewelry, rhodium plated jewelry is the perfect choice for you. It is hypoallergenic and is nickel-free and most gold jewelry is rhodium plated.

Is Rhodium Harmful to Your Health When Used in Jewelry ...
    Rhodium is hypoallergenic and is often used as a protective coating for white gold, which may contain nickel. About 15 percent of the population is allergic to nickel, so rhodium prevents skin irritation. Rhodium is not malleable and would break in its pure form, so you will not find pure rhodium jewelry.

Allergies to Rhodium Plating - Health FAQ
    Rhodium is an element in the platinum family known for its resistance to tarnish and corrosion. Some people experience allergic reactions when they wear rhodium-plated jewelry, however. While rhodium is unlikely to cause an allergy, the fairly reactive white and colored gold underneath may produce allergic symptoms.

Jewellery allergy DermNet NZ
    If your wedding ring or another item of jewellery that you wear daily causes a reaction, you can ask a jeweller about having it plated in a non-allergic metal, such as rhodium or platinum. However, the coating will eventually wear off and need re-plating.

Allergic to Your Jewelry? 5 Steps to The Cure! - Hammer + Gem
    Rhodium is a bright white, hypoallergenic metal that can be adhered to the surface of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. If you are allergic to a silver or white gold, you can have the entire piece rhodium plated. This will provide an ultra thin layer of protection between your skin and the metal you’re allergic …

What is Rhodium Plated Jewelry? Jared
    First, it increases shine, luster and durability. Additionally, it will make your jewelry more resistant to scratches and if it's silver, less prone to tarnishing. Another popular benefit to rhodium plating is the fact that it makes your jewelry hypoallergenic. This is because it's nickel-free.

Jewelry Question: What Metals Are Hypoallergenic?
    Rhodium is in the same metal family as platinum and is a hypoallergenic metal as well. It is used to "finish" white gold and is responsible for the long-term shine and luster of white gold pieces. Although it also tends to be a bit more expensive than other metals, …

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