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    Apr 01, 2013 · Comes with 1,600+ dots and other shapes, custom dot tool, glue, clear cord, sequins, work surfaces, sliding cord holder, quick-start templates Includes a 56 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions Klutz custom tool lets you pick up dots …2.6/5(3)

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    Description Here's a jewelry kit that is totally out of the ordinary. Dot Jewelry comes with 1,500 pre-cut paper dots and shapes in a rainbow of luscious colors and patterns. Young fashionistas can make anything from a simple one-strand bracelet to stunning statement necklaces; and unlike other paper jewelry, these gorgeous adornments will last.

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    The Dot Jewelry Kit from Klutz is a jewelry making kit for kids to design & create their own jewelry at home! Kit includes a 56-page project book, more than 1600 pre-cut paper shapes, 45 feet of clear nylon cord, glue with brush applicator, sequins, dot tool with tack tip, 2 work surfaces, a sliding cord holder, and 14 dot-by-number templates.

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    Jan 16, 2013 · With Dot Jewelry, kids can make necklaces and bracelets using colorful paper dots. The kit comes with more than 1,600 pre-cut paper pieces in a rainbow of colors and patterns.Author: TTPM Toy Reviews

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    Klutz Dot Jewelry product reviews. Dot Jewelry comes with over 1,600 pre-cut paper pieces in a rainbow of luscious colors and coordinating patterns. Follow the step-by-step instructions for making everything from simple one-strand bracelets to stunning statement necklaces.

Klutz Melt & Mold Jewelry - Best Arts & Crafts for Ages 8 to 9
    Klutz Melt & Mold Jewelry; Kit for melting and molding plastic jewelry charms Encourages creativity, planning, experimentation, self-expression Discover a new realm of creative innovation! Mix colors to create wild swirls Add glitter and rhinestones for the perfect touch of sparkle

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    Create colourful, custom jewelry with Dot Jewelry. Another great addition to Klutz’s fantastic collection of jewelry books. Dot Jewelry lets you make colourful, custom necklaces and bracelets using non-tear paper dots. Simply glue the dots onto durable, clear cord to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that bubbles with pure graphic happiness.

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