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    Here below are the details of the clothing and jewellery of the ladies. The artifacts put into their tomb included a golden folding crown which is shown hereunder: It seems that the early Kushan nomad warriors gradually had families, and learned the ways of cities, of …

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    These included carnelianss, agates, lapis lazuli, amethysts, garnets, coral, and pearls. Sapphires, topaz, diamonds and cats - eyes were embedded or sometimes strung in various ways and worn as ornaments. Besides this, the art of enameling was known, as …3.5/5(3)

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    Jun 03, 2020 · All his clothes, weapons, crown and jewellery were made of gold. This burial dates from the V-IV century BC. I noted that to date 5 such golden people have been found.

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    The depiction of Vāsudeva and later Vishnu was stylistically derived from the type of the ornate Bodhisattvas, with rich jewelry and ornate headdress. [57] Sun God Surya , …

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    Jan 02, 2016 · • Other important part of clothing is Odhna of women which is worked in silk. • Jewellery preferred by women were exquisite in the style or design. One of the most jewellery called Rakhdi (head ornament), Machi-suliya (ears) and Tevata, Pattia, and the aad (all is necklace). • Rakhdi, nath and chuda shows the married woman's status.

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