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Kyoto Studio by kyotostudio on Etsy
    Feb 25, 2019 · Lampwork beads are created by the method of melting glass rods over a gas torch. The heart of the flame and the use of a steel mandrel help to form the beads. Each bead is then placed in a kiln to relieve stress and help reduce the possibility of cracking (a process called kiln annealing).

Kyoto Lantern – Fusion Art Glass And Fine Jewelry
    Kyoto Lantern by Mad River Glass Gallery Blown glass lantern with an acid etched and sandblasted finish creating a soft matte surface casting a serene glow. Exquisite free formed branch and peach finial completes this piece. Cord switch. Uses one 25-watt bulb, included.

    The beauty of NIWAKA Fine Jewelry lies within the refined designs that reflect the long history of Kyoto’s enchanting culture.

Kyoto Attractions Cast in Glass The Kyoto Project
    Nov 03, 2014 · Some of the accessories show miniature and detailed images of Kyoto— scenes from the past and present that are made out of glass. For example there are accessories that depict the Kamogawa, Hanami-kouji (the main street in Gion), geisha and others. These accessories are particularly favored by customers.

Jewelry - Kyoto Kimono
    About Kyoto KIMONO We offer one of a kind vintage Japanese garments - straight from the temple markets and auction houses of Kyoto, Japan - as well as Asian accent decor items, Japanique Boutique apparel and accessories, wedding kimono and bridal party attire, kimono fabrics, collectibles, & more!

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Kyoto Artisans Concierge - 京都工房コンシェルジュ
    Kyoto is also a city of exquisite craftsmanship, and many people wish to visit the places where the finest pieces of art are born, to observe the demonstrations of craft skills of artisans in the creative atmosphere of their studios, to have a hand-on experience and to purchase traditional craft items. Therefore, Kyoto Artisans Concierge was ...

10 Brilliant Glass Artists Who Will Shatter Your ...
    Nov 03, 2017 · Designer Kazuko Mitsushima’s contemporary glass jewelry creates forms and colors that no precious metal can reproduce. When Mitsushima began working with glass it was considered a poor imitation of jewels. But she refused to be restricted, and persevered through years of careful experimentation to create these unique pieces that in many ways ...

18 Japanese Products To Bring Home from Kyoto
    The pottery/porcelain made in Kyoto is called Kyo Yaki and Kyomizu Yaki. The origins of Kyoto pottery can be traced to the 5th century in the area around Kyomizu-dera temple in the Higashiyama hills in the eastern part of Kyoto. corelle kyoto
    Corelle Boutique Square Dinner Plate Kyoto Leaves 10.5in (26.7cm) 6 Pack

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