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Necklace - Wikipedia
    A necklace is an article of jewellery that is worn around the neck. Necklaces may have been one of the earliest types of adornment worn by humans. They often serve ceremonial, religious, magical, or funerary purposes and are also used as symbols of wealth and status, given that they are commonly made of precious metals and stones.

Neck ring - Wikipedia
    Neck rings, or neck-rings, are any form of stiff jewellery worn as an ornament around the neck of an individual, as opposed to a loose necklace. Many cultures and periods have made neck rings, with both males and females wearing them at various times. Torcs. Of the two most notable types the first is the ...

Neckline - Wikipedia
    these feature a V-neck or scoop front neckline with straps which wrap around and connect at the nape of the neck. sweetheart neckline (side edges linear, curved bottom edge concave down) these have a curved bottom edge that is concave down and usually doubly scalloped to resemble the top half of …

Jewellery chain - Wikipedia
    Fine metal chains are used in jewellery to encircle parts of the body, namely the neck, wrists and ankles, and they also serve as points to hang decorative charms and pendants. Unlike industrial or chains for other purposes, jewellery chains or body chains are designed for aesthetic purposes.

Necklace mould - OSRS Wiki
    A necklace mould allows a player to make necklaces through the Crafting skill out of gold bars and possibly gems by using them on a furnace. It can be bought at Dommik's Crafting Store in Al Kharid or Rommik's Crafty Supplies in Rimmington for 5 coins.

Jewellery - OSRS Wiki
    Jewellery is any item that can be worn in the amulet/necklace equipment slot or the ring equipment slot, plus bracelets which are worn in the glove slot. Jewellery can be enchanted to gain special properties. Unenchanted jewellery is purely decorative. Most jewellery can be made using the Crafting skill.

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