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Omo Misha - Jewelry
    CLICK HERE to view or order from the complete Omo Misha Jewelry catalog. Designs are added or updated seasonally, with a number of timeless favorites that can be ordered all year 'round. Omo Misha Jewelry is available exclusively through …

Omo Misha - "a creative institution"
    Omo Misha - "a creative institution" OMO MISHA means Misha’s children in Yoruba. It is a name that has affectionately come to identify my myriad creative endeavors, including jewelry art, body sculpture, painting, publishing, and special projects. OMO MISHA, Inc. brings all of these various art-forms together.

oMo Misha - Concepts in Jewelry Art
    The OMO MISHA line consists of an array of earrings, neckpieces, cuffs, intricate beadwork, body sculpture, home accessories, and textiles. The items have been photographed for numerous publications; including The Washington Post, Accessories Magazine, Essence Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Playgirl, to name a few.

OMG – Omo Misha Gallery
    Omo Misha means “Misha’s children” in Yoruba. It is a name that has come to identify artist, Misha McGlown, and her myriad creative endeavors. A Harlem resident and native of Detroit, MI, painting was Misha’s first art form. A career in jewelry design, however, would sweep her away from the medium for more than a decade.

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