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    Jewelry Bonney (ジュエリー・ボニー,?) apodada La Glotona, es un personaje del manga One Piece. [1] En el momento actual de la historia, es uno de los once piratas que han sido llamados Las Once Supernovas en el Archipiélago Sabaody, por ser sus recompensas superiores a los 100 millones de Berries, siendo la suya de 140.000.000 de berries. Es originaria del South Blue y capitana de ...Nombre real: Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney - Wikipedia
    Jewelry Bonney (ジュエリー・ボニー) e njohur si E pangopura, është personazh në anime dhe manga One Piece. Ajo është pirate dhe kapitene e Piratëve Bonney. Ajo dhe ekuipazhi i saj janë nga South Blue. Ajo është nga dymbëdhjetë piratë që referohen si Gjenerata më e Keqe, dhe ka 140.000.000 beli.

Jewelry Bonney - Wikipedia
    Jewelry Bonney (ジュエリー・ボニー ?) moteyada La Famiona, ye un personaxe del manga One Piece. Nel momentu actual de la hestoria, ye unu de los once pirates que fueron llamaos Los Once Supernovas nel Archipiélagu Sabaody, por ser los sos pagos cimeros a los 100 millones de Berries, siendo la suya de 140.000.000 de berries.Sexu: femenín

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    Pel personatge de farciment de l'Episodi Especial 2, veure Bonney (No-canònic). La Jewelry Bonney, coneguda també com la "Goluda", és una pirata del South Blue i capitana de la tripulació dels Pirates de la Bonney. És una dels dotze pirates coneguts com Pitjor Generació i, abans del timeskip, tenia una recompensa de 140.000.000 .1 1 Aparença 1.1 Galeria 2 Personalitat 3 Relacions 3.1 ...

Who’s Jewelry Bonney? Is she ... - ONE PIECE Fanpage
    Bonney is the one who really helped Rouge hide her own son, reverting Ace’s age (while he was still in her womb) for a total of 11 months. That is how Rouge was truly able to deceive the world. Bonney is so dangerous because she was linked (or even related) to dangerous people (Roger, Rouge, Ace) and she potentially knows a lot that ...

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    How Old Is Jewelry Bonney? What we saw in Chapter 908/Episode 888 is telling us that Jewelry Bonnie is an actual queen? We meet “Connie”, queen of the Sorbet Kingdom and it turns out to be Jewelry Bonney using her devil fruit to infiltrate the Reverie.

Why Jewelry Bonney has an Extremely ... - ONE PIECE Fanpage
    Bonney’s devil fruit could have brought Whitebeard back to his prime perhaps during the time of Marineford. Just imagine how much damage Whitebeard could have wrecked if he was younger. Yeah. Terrifying. Bonney could probably turn the Yonkos into kids or make them senile.

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