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Outer Labia Piercings - Professional Piercing & Body Jewelry
    If you do decide outer labia piercings are for you, either a single piercing or in pairs, starting jewelry is usually 12 gauge captive beads rings.

Female Genital Jewellery - Places On Body - Body Piercing ...
    There are many different types of Female Genital Piercings and just as many different types of body jewellery you can wear in them. The most popular female genital piercings are Inner Labia Piercings , Clitoris Piercings and Clitoral Hood Piercings . To see which jewellery is suitable for your piercing, just click on the link below.

Female Genital Piercings: Outer Labia - LiveAbout
    Apr 26, 2019 · Outer Labia [Picture] Not as well suited for most women, outer labia piercings can be done as a single piercing or multiple piercings on either or both sides. Outer labia piercings tend to be rejected (skin rejects the piercing by pushing the jewelry right out) more often than inner labia piercings.

Outer Labia Piercing - Title My Body Piercing Jewellery
      Commonly used jewellery are captive rings 14G and up. The outer labia piercing is through the Labia Majora.   Multiple piercings on either side can be worn.   Commonly used jewellery are captive rings 14G and up.

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