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jewelry noun - Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
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Jewellery Definition of Jewellery by Oxford Dictionary ...
    Late Middle English from Old French juelerie, from juelier ‘jeweller’, from joel (see jewel).

Jewelry Definition of Jewelry by Oxford Dictionary on ...
    Late Middle English from Old French juelerie, from juelier ‘jeweler’, from joel (see jewel).

jewellery noun - Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
    Word Origin late Middle English: from Old French juelerie, from juelier ‘jeweller’, from joel, from jeu ‘game, play’, from Latin jocus ‘jest’. See jewellery in the Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English

JEWELRY definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    jewelry meaning: 1. decorative objects worn on your clothes or body that are usually made from valuable metals, such…. Learn more.

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    Jun 11, 2014 · Derivation. Through the erroneous fancy that Fr. aloi was = a loi ‘to law,’ the word, meaning originally simple combination, union,’ come to be used specially of the mixing of baser metal with gold or silver in coinage, so as to bring it to the recognized standard, and hence of the standard itself. – Oxford English Dictionary.

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