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Tips for Updating Old Jewelry
    Merge different pieces of jewelry into one unique creation. Add colorful gems to clear diamonds for more pizazz and flair. Add smaller diamonds or gems to the band of older engagement rings to boost their sparkle power. Repair your piece instead of giving it an entire overhaul.

Remounting Jewelry - What you ought to know GemstoneGuru
    3 Reasons to Remount Old Jewelry. · Repair – Over years of wear, jewelry can become broken and worn. A missing prong or broken stone here or there will cause jewelry to pile up, unused and unworn. Instead of paying to repair the jewelry, you can use the stones, combine them and remount them in a new custom piece.

Reinventing Your Engagement Ring Through Remounting ...
    Remounting your original diamond from your engagement ring is a great option available to you and an incredible way to reinvent your ring. There are a number of reasons you may want to remount your diamond ring. Some of the more general reasons include... Repair: Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring. While you may have loved and enjoyed your beautiful engagement ring …

Remount Diamond Jewelry Boston - Keezing Kreations
    If you are looking to give your diamonds, precious gemstones or older period jewelry pieces a new and fresh appearance we would love to be of service to you. Jewelry remounts are our specialty! For Diamond Remount and Settings and Services: Call Our Boston Jewelers at …

Jewelry Remounts – Saxon Jewelers and Gemologists Highland ...
    Remounting a diamond ring is a great way to preserve a special ring or sentimental diamond. You might want to preserve the sentimental value of your ring or create a completely original look. Some of the reasons for remounting a diamond ring include: Repair/Restoration: Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring. Over the years, the setting and the band may wear out.

210 remount wedding ring ideas in 2020 engagement rings ...
    Sep 18, 2020 - Explore Dana G's board "remount wedding ring ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about engagement rings, wedding rings, jewelry.218 pins

Remount Settings for Diamond Rings LoveToKnow
    Antique Ring Remounts. When you need to remount an antique ring, be sure to take it to a jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry restoration. Finding an experienced jeweler is your best chance of restoring a fragile ring back to its original condition. Discuss all options for remounting an antique diamond and band.

Creating New Jewelry from Old Jewelry - Abby Sparks Jewelry
    Jan 14, 2019 · Repurposing your old jewelry is environmentally responsible: you are effectively recycling materials. Conserve the earth’s resources by recycling unwanted jewelry into beautiful objects of value that you’ll actually wear, instead of buying something brand new.

Reset or Upgrade Your Ring – Long's Jewelers
    Whether it’s the holidays, a big birthday, a special anniversary, or just because, visit Long’s and celebrate your life with a new diamond ring. Personal style evolves over time. There’s no reason your jewelry shouldn't reflect the person you are today. If you’ve ever wondered about resetting your …

Turning Heirloom Jewelry Into a New Design Jewelry Wise
    There are so many ways to bring new life to old jewelry, and a reputable jeweler can help make it happen. You can modernize an old setting or create a new one. You can take an element or two of the old piece and freshen it up in a new piece. You can mix elements of different pieces and come up with a whole new design.

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