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    Soldering Supplies This section includes almost everything you need to repair broken Jewelry, or begin making your own beautiful Jewelry. Soldering Torches, Soldering Irons, Flux, Tweezers, Soldering Boards, even Solder can be found here!

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    Soldering Tools. Ceramic and charcoal soldering boards, annealing pans, jewelry soldering stands and third hand tools. Pickling. Electric picklers and Sparex pickling compound for cleaning soldered metal. Riveting. Solid and hollow rivets in brass, copper, and aluminum. Beadsmith EZ-Rivet Tool.

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    Buy hard solder, soft solder, flux, micro torches, soldering irons, metal foil tape and other jewelry soldering tools and supplies. Choose from brands Eurotool, Ranger, SILVERGLEEM, Choice, Hakko and more for your soldering supplies! You can also stock up on glass microscope slides for creating custom soldered frame pendants. For soft solder (tin-based solders), use a soldering iron.

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