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How to Use a Dremel to Make Jewelry eHow
    Aug 30, 2017 · Dremel polishing kit. Many jewelry making projects require you to buff and polish the metal. Dremel makes a polishing kit with buffs and polish. To use the polishing kit, open the chuck, insert a buffing wheel in the rotary tool and close the …

Maker Projects - Discover Your Next Project -
    Do you want to tackle a new DIY project? We've got you covered. Explore our DIY projects to get inspired to use your Dremel tools to create something for your home, garden or office. Our DIY projects have a wide range of categories from crafts and hobbies, fashion, home repair, seasonal and arts. We are constantly adding new projects, so come back often and DIY!

How to Use a Dremel to Buff & Polish Jewelry eHow
    Paper towels Jewelry can become tarnished and damaged to the point where fluids and cloths can no longer restore its beauty. This is where a hand-held rotary tool, such as a Dremel, comes in handy. Dremel tools can grind away scoring and scratching, remove burrs and polish surfaces to restore the original luster of your favorite item.

How to Use a Dremel to Make Jewelry
    Rotary tools are great aids in jewelry making. While most professional jewelry makers prefer a flexible shaft, a Dremel rotary tool is a less expensive, useful alternative for students, entry level jewelry makers and those making jewelry as a hobby.

How to Start Cleaning and Polishing Dremel
    With a Dremel, polishing precious items, such as silver jewellery, is safe, efficient and easy. Just choose the right polishing tools (see tip 3), don’t press down too hard on the object’s surface How to Avoid and go slow on the RPMs.

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