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Jewelry Making Basics - How to use a Head Pin - YouTube
    Nov 11, 2009 · - In this jewelry making basics video, I demonstrate how to use a head pin, including two ways to finish off the head pin loo...Author: JewelryMakingFun

How To Use Headpins And Eyepins The Bench
    Mar 17, 2017 · In jewellery making, headpins are often used to create earring dangles that feature beads or gemstones. They can also be used to create bead or charm links using a wire wrapping technique. Making loops with headpins Thread your bead or charm onto the headpin so that it gently rests at the head of the pin.Total Time: 10 mins

Basic Skills - How to use headpins.
    Headpins are a component used in jewelry making most often when using beads and making earrings adding wrapped beads to finished chains. Headpins are found in different finished, lengths and gauges to suit your jewelry making needs. Headpins also come with a variety of different heads including ball end, flat end T, dome, open eye and more.

How to Loop Headpins and Eyepins to Make Beaded Jewellery
    Jun 18, 2014 · Turn the headpin into a loop using round nose pliers. Hold the pliers in your hand, fingers over the top and palm facing away. Twist your hand forward - like you're revving a motorbike but in the opposite direction. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Head Pins & Eye Pins - Beads & Jewelry Supplies
    Head pins and eye pins are some of the first jewelry-making components a beginning beader learns how to use. You'll need them for everything from basic earrings to complex necklaces and bracelets. Head pins feature a flat head on one end and can be used to create …

Head Pins & Eye Pins - Jewelry Making Supplies
    It's so easy to create beautiful Earrings and Pendants using Head Pins. Choose the length you need, (you can always cut off a little) and string Beads onto the post. Slip the post through a Dangle Earring, the end of a Chain or Necklace, bend the Pin end closed and its done. Just like that you have a one of a kind Jewelry design.

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