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How to solder jewelry - Jewelry Making - YouTube
    Oct 16, 2007 · jewelry making video shows you the correct way to use a soldering iron.Author: JewelrySupply

What Kinds of Solder Are Used in Jewelry Making ...
    Hard solder melts at a high temperature, medium melts at a lower temperature, easy melts at an even lower temperature. Multiple solder joints in a piece of jewelry require multiple types of solder. You don’t want to remelt a joint you just soldered while you are in the process of soldering another joint.

Using Soldering for Making Jewelry
    Mar 29, 2018 · Soldering is similar to welding or brazing, both use heat to join pieces of metal together, however, soldering requires less heat. A jewelry-making torch is used to solder. A jewelry-making torch is a scaled-down version of a welding torch.

2020's Best Soldering Iron For Jewelry: Complete Reviews ...
    As the industry is getting advanced and jewelers are becoming more creative, the finished products mostly consist of two metals to produce stunning jewelry pieces. The soldering process makes use of a solder, a metal alloy that can join two different types of metals.

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