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Zultanite Jewelry in Turkey? - Istanbul Forum - Tripadvisor
    In Sultanahmet there is a jewelry store across the street from the front corner of the Four Seasons. They sell a composite stone made with ground Zultanite. I thought these stones were a little muddy and lacked the diaspore of the other stones. I have searched for Zultanite for the last decade every time I visit Istanbul with very little success.

Zultanite Jewelry in Turkey? - Istanbul Forum - Tripadvisor
    Zultanite is only mined in Turkey, so that is the place to buy it. I would recommend the jeweller's we use in Calis which is 4 miles from Fethiye and is the beach resort for Fethiye. The jeweller does not sell jewellery, he makes it and repairs it and many of the Jewellery Shops in the Fethiye area use him.

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    Answer 1 of 6: I will be traveling to Turkey this summer and I would love to pick up some zultanite, however I keep reading on the internet that there are no reputable sources in the country and that it is all Alexandrite. Is this true, or does anyone know of a...

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